Injuries: Jags believe Marqise Lee will play vs. Bills

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Injuries: Jags believe Marqise Lee will play vs. Bills

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But what else can you expect weather wise in mid November here in C U?

Matt Daniels here for another weekly Illinois football chat. on Saturday with No. 2 Ohio State in town.

Chance for Illinois to make a huge statement against the best Big Ten team this season. Even if Illinois doesn't pull off a win (an outcome many don't expect, although Bob Asmussen and Martin O'Donnell both picked an Illinois upset in today's News Gazette), but can keep it competitive, that might do something for Bill Cubit's chances of landing the full time gig at Illinois.

That said, today marks the end of a crazy week at Illinois, with Illinois firing athletic director Mike Thomas on Monday and naming Paul Kowalczyk NFL Store - Cheap Offers on Jerseys,Wholesale in USA interim AD on Monday. Kowalczyk, by the way, will join us Monday evening at the Esquire for The News Gazette Sports Page on WDWS 1400 AM, so either stop by the downtown Champaign establishment or listen in on your radio.

Let's get going with any questions.

Interesting suggestion you offer up there. Bud Foster was thought by many to be the head coach in waiting at Virigina Tech once Frank Beamer decided to retire.

Now that Beamer is retiring, speculation isn't so set on his defensive coordinator replacing the long time coach of the Hokies.

Foster would bring with him an obvious defensive background and a strong recruiting base in Virginia since he's spent his whole coaching career at Virginia Tech. All that is fine, but don't know how that would translate to the state of Illinois or even the Midwest. He'd have to hire nfl jerseys cheap some capable assistants to help him out on the recruiting Cheap Aaron Hernandez Jersey trail.

Kirby Wilson is another intriguing name since he's an Illinois alum and boasts NFL experience. The knock on him is he doesn't have any head coaching experience, but given the lack of success Illinois has had in finding the right long term fit for its football coach ever since John Mackovic left after the 1991 season, who says that it has to be a guy who has been a head coach?

I don't think you put yourself under any pressure to hire a minority coach. If I'm Illinois and the athletic director, I just want to hire the best coach possible, whoever that may be.

I'd have to say no recruits have left because Bill Cubit and his staff have tried to bring a stabilizing force to an unstable situation.

Plus, Cubit had his hands heavily involved in the Illini's recruiting efforts even before he assumed the interim coach label. Illinois sold what the offensive coordinator was able to do in turning the offense around to a number of recruits, and Cubit's personality seems to mesh well with prospects, regardless of whether it is on offense or defense. Case in point: Jihad Ward.

Negative recruiting is rampant against Illinois and has been for some time before Cubit was bumped up to interim coach.

It is true as well that several of these recruits didn't have better offers, at least from other Big Ten schools, before settling on Illinois. That may be a reason why none have decommited thus yar.

The 2015 class has redshirted its fair share of players, but a few have played. Namely Ke'Shawn Vaughn, Dez Cain and Andrew Davis on offense, with Sam Mays seeing time earlier this season as well. Julian Jones saw time on special teams, but who knows what his future is like after his arrest on Wednesday.

Good news is key players like quarterback Jimmy Fitzgerald, running back Dre Brown (although Brown likely would have played this season if he didn't tear his ACL in April) and offensive lineman Gabe Megginson will redshirt this season.

Thanks for the question and kind words.

This is the best chance for Illinois to have multiple draft picks in a few years, let alone a single draft pick, an area Illinois hasn't had since 2013.

Jihad Ward getting an invite to the Senior Bowl is a good step for the defensive lineman, who could play either at defensive tackle or defensive end at the next level. His measureables (6 6, 290) and his speed are reasons alone why NFL teams are curious about the Philadelphia native.

Offensive lineman Ted Karras and wide receiver Geronimo Allison will play in the East West Shrine Game in January, another promising development that the NFL might come to fruition for those two. Allison needs to develop a bit more strength, while Karras needs to find a position that suits him best at the next level, but the chance is there for those two to possibly hear their name called at the NFL draft.

Josh Ferguson, Clayton Fejedelem and V'Angelo Bentley are also potential pros given the versatility each of them brings to the table. Should be a better pro day for Illinois in March than it has been in recent years.

As far as the junior class, the first name that springs to mind is Wes Lunt. The quarterback fits the traditional NFL pocket passer, although his lack of mobility at times may go against him, but he did break some of those sterotypes aside with a 6 yard scramble at Purdue last Saturday. A brief and fleeting patriots super bowl jersey moment of his running ability, but a moment nonetheless.

Hi Matt, enjoy your columns and the chats. I am not an expert on football as I never played. I just enjoy Illini football through thick and thin (seems like the thin is more prevalent lately), But I have an observation that many have commented on and would like to add my two cents. It seems football requires a degree of continuity in coaching for two reasons. The first is a team needs to get comfortable with offensive and defensive schemes and these are not developed over night. Secondly recruits need to have a degree of comfort and familiarity with the coaching staff they are committing to play for. I realize high school may not be the best analogy but I think there is a shred of comparison that might be considered. Our school frequently changed coaches following bad years. A new coach arrived and after 2 years the record was abysmal. people were rumbling a change was needed. I was asked what I thought, don't know why but was. I simply said if we change coaches every two years then we will be in the constant rebuilding mode and maybe we ought to keep somebody for an extended period of time so that the team may learn and grow with his system and that the young men at the school might become comfortable with the coach and wish to play for him. they rehired the coach and shortly he went on rather long run of playoff appearances. could this not be applicable to a degree in college football and if so would we be better off giving Coach Cubit a chance to build that confidence and trust? in addition I would like to throw Martin O'Donnell's name in for offensive coordinator under head coach Cubit. My son says an offensive lineman is the smartest player on the field. thanks.

The consensus for Illinois to consistently win, from people I've talked to, and that ranges from coaches, players, recruits, broadcasters, ex players and more, is that coaching stability needs to happen.

If Bill Cubit isn't brought back as the full time coach, then that instability starts to creep up again. It has a negative effect on recruiting since recruits and their families dont' know who the coach will be by the time they arrive on campus, nor what type of offensive and defensive schemes that particular coach likes to use.

Illinois has struggled to get to five wins before Thanksgiving in recent seasons. This is the first time the Illini have hit that mark since 2011, the last season of the Ron Zook Era. Illinois may very well stay stuck on five wins the rest of the season with a difficult test on Saturday against Ohio State, followed by two road games against Minnesota and the regular season finale against Northwestern at Soldier Field.

Illinois has overachieved this season, especially given all the turmoil that has rocked the program since mid May, and the slew of injuries to key players.

Cubit isn't the long term solution in that he's likely not going to coach Illinois for 20 plus years if he's able to turn the program around. But there could be worse possibilities than giving him a three year deal, much like Minnesota did with Tracy Claeys, and making him the full time coach moving forward.

Do you think anyone at the top of the U of I chart realizes the importance of getting the right AD, and how quickly it has to be done, and not only for football? These people whose salaries are in the hundred of thousands of dollars seem to have no clue. Probably saw Thomas' departure coming for 2 months, and why couldn't they have done it say a month earlier for a smoother transition? Do you really think a Rick George who saw first hand how good FB could be at this school has chance to be AD, or would even want the job? Could he attract a good coach? Do you think we would pay say $2.5 4 million for a coach? If you were a betting man who do you think the AD will be and how soon will it happen?
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Re: Injuries: Jags believe Marqise Lee will play vs. Bills

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